Both companies share the same building in Saco, Maine with Zero Gravity cultivating and Royal River operating the cannabis extraction lab. Working together on a limited product line is the logical next step.

(Saco, Maine February 1st) – Zero Gravity Cannabis has been a cultivator in Maine’s medical marijuana program for over five years. With a new facility in Saco, ME they have been able to expand their flower and cannabis concentrate offerings. Zero Gravity prides themselves on offering craft cannabis cultivars that have been meticulously phenotype hunted through years of R&D. Their diversified flower and cannabis concentrate flavors are carefully chosen for consumers with refined palates. Grown in a state of the art cultivation facility, Zero Gravity’s product line is quickly becoming a local favorite. Zero Gravity has recently been nominated in a few categories of the New England Cannabis Convention including BEST NEW ENGLAND CANNABIS COMPANY and BEST WEBSITE.Β 


With over 20 years experience, Royal River Botanical’s operates a C1D1 extraction facility in the shared building with Zero Gravity Cannabis. Royal River’s expertise lies in all things Cannabis extraction; solventless, ethanol or hydrocarbon. They’ve developed a widely popular hydrocarbon product, Luminosa, a flavorful CRC extract (or non filtered) cannabis concentrate. Royal River recently outfitted their lab with updated solventless extraction equipment, scaling up for all categories of cannabis extraction. They have also been nominated for SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT/ACHIEVEMENT FOR THE YEAR.Β 


The collaboration consists of promoting their solventless extraction line first, specifically Live Hash Rosin. Their initial offering of Wonka Bars (by Exotic Genetix) Live Rosin was immensely successful, selling out of 150 grams in 1 day. The next line of concentrates will be a limited Live Resin drop. Stay tuned.

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