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Would This Have Been The Strain That Willy Wonka Himself Would Have Enjoyed? Absolutely.

How does it go, people?! Today I’m bringing another one of Zero Gravity’s classic cultivars, and that’s the famous Wonka Bars. It’s a warm spring day, so why not break out a good lookin’ sativa hybrid to get the day churning?

Wonka Bars, another Exotic Genetix creation, is a sativa dominant strain made by crossing GMO Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip (another EG original). As an open lover of GMO, I think it’s safe to assume that Wonka might have some gassy terps with a sedating body high. On the other hand, MCC (never tried) reads to be an uplifted, sweet on the taste hybrid. I am so freakin’ ready for this combo.

The aromas on Wonka were herby, earthy, and funky. When I broke up the ol girl, my nose swelled with even more funk and cheese. Hell yeah, that is a first impression. Her colors were purple and green, with long pistil hairs all over. A tight and dense girl, she was also very sticky after handling.

Loaded up in the faithful double perc bong, I torched that Wonka because I was so excited to try her. Upon smoking, my eyes yet again felt the most. They were slightly weighted, but my mind felt elevated. I started smoking on the couch, but found myself up again and at the desk getting to work. I was focused and had enough creative edge to get me started.

As the high settled some more, I had a super productive afternoon at work and I can totally thank Wonka for that. My eyes remained heavy during the whole high, and if anything got heavier. However, my fingers didn’t stop typing and my brain didn’t stop creating so I would say Wonka Bars takes a lot from her parents by being calming and pain-reliving, while also motivating and uplifting the user.

Overall, the stunning Wonka Bars from Zero Gravity Cannabis is going to get a 9.5/10 from ya girl. Visually, she boasts beautiful colors and is incredibly resinous. As you break her up, you’ll notice those funky, cheesy terps. Finally when you smoke her, expect to have your ailments put to rest while your mind stays focused on any and all tasks at hand.

I do hope you’re able to try this lovely strain, and enjoyed reading this review as much as I truly enjoy writing them.

Stay Blazed Y’all
The Coastal Girl

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