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We’ve always done what we can to help out low income patients with donated and discounted medicine. Officially partnering with a food drive as amazing as Wayside takes our community service to the next level!

For Us, its not just about getting food into hungry families, its getting NUTRITION into those in need. In order to help we will have various fundraisers, work with other growers and groups, and donate sales percentages to raise money. We chose Wayside Food Programs because of their high standards in quality nutritious foods. Waysdie has been providing food for those in need throughout Southern Maine since 1986. In 2019 alone, Wayside was able to get 550 tons of food that would have otherwise gone to waste into the hands of needy families. Wayside distributes food throughout the State via 60 partnering food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other social service agencies.

wayside food programThrough volunteers, colalborations, partnerships, cross promotion and networking, Wayside uses food to reduce waste, fight hunger and strengthen Maine’s communities. Their work is rooted in partnerships utilizing approaches that reinforce social connection, individual dignity and limiting our impact on the natural environment. Wayside believes that the health and vibrancy of our community depend upon the physical, social and economic well-being of all community members. Please check out their website to learn more, or contact us if you would like to join our efforts!

For more information on Wayside Food Programs please visit

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