Employee Strain Review of Vanilla Frosting, a 65/35 indica dominant hybrid, bred by Humboldt Seed Company and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Vanilla Frosting is a 65/35 indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Humboldt Frost OG with Humboldt Gelato. This strain is known to produce large airy buds that are olive green. These buds are coated in a light layer of trichomes with orange hairs. The distinct aroma of this bud is sweet vanilla with a spicy floral undertone. The scent of smoking this stain produces a smell, similar to a creamy vanilla frosting with a heavy fuel finish.

Vanilla Frosting 

vanilla frosting humboldt seed strain review

Vanilla Frosting

is a great strain to use medically for depression, anxiety, mild fatigue, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. This strain produces an uplifting cerebral onset that is great for creativity.

Vanilla Frosting provides an uplifting, relaxing high hat will leave the user stress free, while still having the ability to maintain focus and cognitive abilities. This is a potent enough strain to be relaxing, but without the user having the feeling of couch-lock.

I personally tend to s

tay away from indica or indica dominant hybrid strains. I do not enjoy the feeling of becoming fused with the furniture, but after giving Vanilla Frosting a try, I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, I enjoyed the sweet then spicy flavor. I also enjoyed how smooth each hit from my glass pipe was and the fact that I did not have the need to cough.

Almost instantly it produced a relaxed feeling with a heady high, while also leaving me feeling clear headed. I was able to accomplish a few tasks that normally Iā€™d put off due to how anxious they make me. Considering how indicas make me feel normally, I was amazed that there was no couch-lock and I felt at great peace in the moment. I will definitely be smoking Vanilla Frosting again; it is a great any time of day strain.

Reviewed by Stephanie B. of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Inventory