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Just Like The Cake Topping, But Way Less Calories.

Hey hey my people, ya girl is back! We’re bringing a fresh new review. Today we have a visually stunning flower, and her name makes me want more and more.

Originally bred by the famous Humboldt Seed Company in California, Vanilla Frosting is the lovechild of Frost OG and Gelato Bx3, both also created by Humboldt Seed Co. The result is an indica dominant hybrid, that boasts beautiful Gelato qualities while also having her vanilla creaminess. Let’s dig in!

Upon opening the jar of Frosting, my nose was swept with a tingly pepperness, skunkiness, and beautiful hints of spice. An intriguing aroma that personally drew me right in, eager for a taste. The nugs were dense, hard, and were a tad on the dry side, but nonetheless were covered in sugars and desirable purples.

When ground up, those skunk aromas make themselves more prominent, and the Vanilla Frosting leaves soft and even textured flowers behind.

Alright enough about how she looks and smells, how the hell does she smoke and taste?!

I packed up the VF in the bong and took three solid rips to truly get an idea of how she smokes. The first hit gave me a heavy feeling in my chest, with slight heaviness in the eyes. I picked up mostly herbs and spice on the inhale and exhale, but as I enjoyed the bowl some more, I noticed much more creamy undertones on the exhale.

As the high settled, I was put in a mind-numbing trance, that prevented negative thoughts or energy. Vanilla Frosting helped me keep a clear head and helped me see a different perspective to my problems, rather than keeping a closed mind. I found mental and physical relaxation from Vanilla that I encourage others to experience if you haven’t already.

Overall, Vanilla Frosting is going to get a deserving 8/10 from The Coastal Girl. I enjoy the high, the cure and visuals are ideal, and the aromas are strong. The tastes are more subtle, but this is a strain I would personally highly recommend to anyone seeking anxiety relief and lack of sleep!

I appreciate y’all taking the time to read this review as always.
As always,
Stay High Y’all,

The Coastal Girl

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