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The Most Interesting Name I’ve Ever Heard Of, We’re Diving Into Some Heavy Unicorn Sh*t Y’all!

Hey everyone! It’s ya girl, the Coastal Girl, and I’m coming in with a new review of some fresh-out-the-jar Unicorn Poop.

To be honest, I’ve never come across such a name for a strain. Quite frankly, I love it. This girl was created by the famous breeder behind Puta Breath, Peanut Butter Breath, Garlic Breath, and many others. The one and only Thug Pug Genetics.

Thug Pug crossed GMO & Sophisticated Lady to create a euphoric hybrid strain. GMO being a nice indica leaner, is a skunky girl, with mild fuel undertones. Sophisticated Lady on the other hand is a strain I’m not so familiar with. She tends to have a sweet and sour flavor, and heavy on the indica side. I’m a big lover of GMO, and Sophisticated Lady sounds super enticing, so Unicorn Poop sounds like she is going to knock my socks off and make my apartment smell like a skunk sprayed everywhere. Let’s get it!

When I first opened her jar, my nose swelled with a sour, yet skunky flavor. Almost offensive to the light at heart (hehe). I absolutely picked up on the GMO as the dominant smell is very similar to typical GMO smells. I cracked open a small nug, and my nose literally stung with more intense skunky aromas. This is my kinda flower as far as the smell, whew. Makes you wanna call your momma and tell her you love her!

On the touch, the buds felt very tight and dense. I squeezed and rubbed the flower through my fingers, which felt very sugary with a soft hint of sticky afterwards. When ground up, more aromas bursted out and the texture was very soft. The cure is perfect for ya girl’s liking.

I packed Unicorn Poop up in the handy double perc bong and let her rip. On the first hit, I noticed faint sweetness on the inhale, and lots of earthiness on the exhale. The smoke was THICK. The kind of smoke to go right to the eyes, brain, and chest with a big ol HELLO! The first hit is like a first impression, it can be a hit or miss. This was a hit, and the effects were almost immediate on exhale.

As I let the high settle, I found a very creative edge to her. I had a work project to be taken care of, and for a solid hour and half, maybe even two hours, I was glued to the project. I took a couple more hits here and there to keep it going, and found her to have some beautiful sativa qualities that didn’t necessarily cause anxiety. My body feels relaxed, and the project was completed.

Overall, Unicorn Poop by Zero Gravity is going to earn a solid 9/10 from ya girl. Her aromas were intense and her texture and cure were ideal. The high was great for daytime projects and even for just unwinding on the couch. The Coastal Girl definitely approves!

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