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Lets Get A Fresh Update On One Of Our Most Popular Cannabis Strains : Unicorn Poop

unicorn poop maine cannabisUnicorn Poop is a hybrid strain created by crossing GMO with Sophisticated Lady. While both are indica dominant hybrid strains, Unicorn Poop boasts the skunky heavy-hitting qualities of GMO, while adopting the earthy and flowery taste of Sophisticated Lady. This cross results in a unique forest green bud structure loaded with trichomes and amber colored hairs. The distinct aroma of this strain is earthy with a touch of citrus diesel and notes of wildflowers.

Known for its ability to promote creativity, this strain produces a cerebral and body high which is great for treating anxiety and depression or getting past a creative block. Unlike other indica-crossed hybrid strains, Unicorn Poop will not give you couch-lock. This euphoric strain will leave you giggly and sociable as anxieties melt away, being replaced with a sense of smooth weightlessness. In excess, UP is also known to treat insomnia and stimulate appetite.

After giving Unicorn Poop a try for myself, I decided very quickly that it would be added into my daily rotation. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this strain is perfect for calming anxious thoughts and replacing them with a pleasant sense of pure content. In addition, I was surprised to learn firsthand about the pain-relieving qualities it offers. After suffering an injury, I was all too happy to curl up on the couch and unwind watching my favorite movies.