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Our award-winning Unicorn Poop Strain has done it again!

We are honored by Leaf Magazine for making Unicorn Poop Live Hash Rosin their CONCENTRATE OF THE MONTH!

As a crowd and staff favorite, Unicorn Poop has become a top strain winner for Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Most recently taking home the 2022 Harvest Cup 1st Place Trophy for Concentrates, the 2022 Commonwealth 3rd Place Winner for Concentrates, and the 2021 NECANN 3rd Place Flower winner. Unicorn Poop just keeps bringing the heat.

β€œThe Unicorn Poop, which took first place in the solventless concentrates category at the 2022 New England Harvest Cup, brings a smile to your face with its mystical name. However, this silly sounding strain has a serious lineage, crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Sophisticated Lady.” -Leaf Magazine Concentrate of the Month Article.

A uniquely named strain created by Thug Pug Genetics, Unicorn Poop is an indica dominant hybrid. Created by crossing GMO x Sophisticated Lady, this strain will give the user a heavy body high with a clear and creative headspace to follow. (Please note it is GMO, not Girl Scout Cookies as a parent strain).

β€œUnicorn Poop Live Hash Rosin from Zero Gravity Cannabis, This magical strain provided a euphoric body buzz – leaving me feeling energized and creative for hours.” -Leaf Magazine Concentrate of the Month Article.

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