Strain Reviews

Here we have Liz from cultivation reviewing our phenotype of Unicorn Poop created by Thug Pug Genetics. 

unicorn poop strain review

Unicorn Poop by Thug Pug

Unicorn Poop has the most distinct diesel smell upon walking into the grow room. I can enter a room full of different strains and I know instantly if Unicorn Poop is in there, based on the heavy gas smell.

UP is a cross between GMO and Sophisticated Lady. I find the gas notes hit harder than the citrus- which to me is ideal. There can be a lot of citrus based flowers out there, but to combine a light citrus with a heavy diesel is perfect. I find the onion is strong when I smell the flower. The draw for me personally is the GMO /diesel smell. It is funky and so much fun to smoke- on the daily. 

It is a favorite of mine to smoke. I find that it is a hybrid that allows you to relax and have fun and enjoy the high it gives you, while also not making you feel tired or lazy. It makes me happy- while some strains can cause me to feel anxious, this one makes me feel relaxed and at ease.

The nuggets are on the smaller side- however the trichomes are bright and frosty – very appealing to someone who enjoys flower more than concentrates.

Although, the UP dabs are amazing. The funk is deep. 


Reviewed by Liz C. of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Grower