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When you just want a little adventure with your smoke.

Medicating at home is not only safe, it’s a very relaxing experience. However, say you’re out in the biggest city in Maine and you’re curious where the locals go to indulge in their grass. Finding a sweet nature-y spot to light up enhances your smoking experience. Luckily, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 smoke spots for the Portland region for locals and visitors alike!


#5: Evergreen Cemetery:


Okay, we know, a little morbid to start. Cemeteries are one of the most private spots you can park the whip at and light up a j-bone. This is easily the biggest, if not the biggest, cemetery in the greater Portland area. With lots of nooks and crannies to park, you’ll definitely have an interesting late-night sesh here. Do be mindful and respectful of your surroundings, as people go there to be with loved ones. Maybe just keep the Spose bumping at a lower volume.


Easily accessible right off Stevens Ave in Portland, which connects to major streets Congress and Forest Avenue.Β 


#4: Fort Williams Park:


A tad bit of a drive outside of downtown Portland, Fort Williams Park is home to 3-4 coastal forts, as well as the famous Portland Head Light (the #1 photographed lighthouse in Maine, and named one of the World’s Most Iconic Lighthouses!). This park is ginormous, and the forts are beautifully spaced away from crowds. If I were you, I would take full advantage of that rocky coastline underneath the park. Perfect little rock coves and alleys for the perfect afternoon blunt sesh.


Take Casco Bay Bridge into South Portland. Follow Broadway until the Cottage Rd lights. Follow Cottage Rd as it shifts to Shore Rd, and Fort Williams Park will eventually appear on the left-hand side.Β 


#3: Battery Steele Park on Peak’s Island


Staying on Peaks for the weekend? Heading there for a day trip on the faithful Casco Bay Lines? We’ve got you covered over there too. Battery Steele, a World War II fort that overlooks Casco Bay, is a great spot for an island sesh. Nestled and hidden in the grass, this fort is home to not only adventure seekers and graffiti artists, but for the outdoor stoner too. Feast your eyes on the wall art, or perhaps that breathtaking ocean view Maine is famous for if you’re bringing the bong to the island.


Peak’s Island is an island off the coast of Portland and is accessible by Casco Bay Lines, located on Commercial St in Portland. Also accessible by private boat.


#2: Spring Point, South Portland


We love our lighthouses here in Maine. Not only ideal for that killer Maine sunset, but excellent for the ocean-loving stoner. Sitting right next to Southern Maine Community College, Spring Point is a small lighthouse park that does feature a couple of forts, but there is a breakwater (basically like a β€˜rock bridge’ for those unfamiliar, typically used to keep crashing ocean waves from disturbing our harbors) that stretches out to the light itself. Certainly not a long walk by any means, but at the end, you can turn around and survey the shore for the ideal area to pass the bowl.Β 


Take Casco Bay Bridge into South Portland again, but stay on Broadway for just under 2 miles (5 min or so). Then simply take Fort Rd on the left and the parking lot shall appear shortly after.


#1: Bug Light Park, South Portland


Yes, technically our #1 choice smoke spot isn’t in Portland per say, but it’s right next door. Bug Light Park is a decent-sized area that overlooks stunning Portland herself. Needless to say, given the name, there is indeed a cute little lighthouse on the top of the park to protect our sailors, and give us aesthetically pleasing Instagram pictures. With massive greenery and rocky coast with scenes of the skyline, we couldn’t help but choose Bug Light for the top spot to sesh.


Take Casco Bay Bridge into South Portland yet again, and continue straight on Broadway until she ends. Take the left on Breakwater Dr, then a quick right onto Madison St. Follow that road past the South Portland Historical Society and you’ve reached Bug Light!


We hope you found this article useful in your travels to Portland, and take a picture of your Zero Gravity medicine at one of these spots and be sure to tag us on Instagram to be featured in our daily stories!Β 

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