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We have continued offering our THC & CBD vape cartridges despite the national vape cartridge health scare. We NEVER add any industrial/chemical cutting agents. Our Cartridges are pure cannabis extract and natural occurring terpenes.

Approximately 2,050 Americans have gotten sick and 39 have died from vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) as of when I’m writing this, mid November. We have kept a very close eye on what is happening in the THC vape cartridge industry in regards to this health scare. Zero Gravity Cannabis goes above and beyond to insure our consumers health is priority one. Our vape cartridges are made with 3rd party lab tested cannabis plant extract and plant derived terpenes. No MCT, No Vitamin e acetate, No glycerine, NOTHING.

The US Centers for Disease Control believes a new cutting agent found in illicit THC vaporizer cartridges,. Tocopheryl-acetate, also known as vitamin E oil, is behind all of the negative lung reactions. Vitamin E oil increased in popularity on the underground vape cartridge street market ahead of the lung injury outbreak last summer. There are a few reasons why Vitamin E became popular in use of vape cartridges, one being a few popular “vape cartridge thickening cutting agent” companies were using vitamin e. Ease of accessability and costs are why many black market THC vape cartridge manufacturers used vitamin e to drastically cut the strength of the cartridges in order to make more money. Illegal vape cart manufacturers have long used MCT oil, propylene glycol, PG and now vitamin E as a way to “stretch” the liquid going into the cartridges further (making them weaker in strength and quality) in order to sell more product, albeit inferior. Vape cartridge consumers quickly learned that carts were being cut with thinner agents such as glycerin and MCT oil. They knew this by tipping the cart upside down, and if the air bubble moved, then the very thick immovable THC extract was drastically thinned out. Vitamin e acetate sold by burgeoning new vape oil businesses was a very thick cutting agent, similar to the pure THC oil. Using vitamin e would then fool consumers into thinking the vape cartridge they just bought was not cut.

Vitamin E is historically used in gummy vitamins and hand lotions. It was never manufactured with the intent of being inhaled. As a matter of fact, chemical companies that make vitamin e acetate warn against inhalation by stating β€œremove from area of exposure. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.” During the summer of 2018 a majority of the illicit vape cartridge market were purchasing gallons upon gallons of vitamin e acetate for illegal manufacturing. Vitamin e was considered the magical diluent of the THC vape cartridge industry. Unfortunately as in most things in life, shortcuts don’t pay off.

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