Award-Winning Devil’s Toast Strain Review

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Employee Strain Review of Award-Winning Devil’s Toast, a Sativa Hybrid, bred and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis. Good Mornin’ Zero Gravity’s Devil’s Toast! Bred by crossing Devil’s Tit x French Toast, this terpy sativa will be your go to β€˜Wake & Bake’ strain. Devil’s Tit welcomes a spicy, herbal sativa with an exhilarating body high […]

Maine’s Best Cannabis Concentrates

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We Actually Don’t Claim To Have The Best Cannabis Concentrates In Maine. But We Are Always Striving For Better Marijuana concentrates have become a staple of Maine’s medical and recreational marijuana market. From brownies to medicated salves to diamonds & caviar, you can find cannabis concentrates in hundreds of products. We at Zero Gravity Cannabis […]