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Look no further! We have the best Super Deals for Your Super Bowl!!! Delivered right to your doorstep!

On Friday, February 10th & Saturday, February 11th, order and spend over $35 to receive 40% off storewide!!! (While supplies last. Exclusions apply. Taxes included).


Along with the best Super Bowl Party Stoner Snacks! After a wide debate involving, laughter, tears, and a lot of cheese, below are the top 10 stoner-snacks to have at your Super Bowl Party!
  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip: Cheese, cream cheese, ranch dressing, chicken, and hot sauce β€” all the best things of wings, but without the sticky hands.
  2. Pigs in A Blanket: The perfect, bite-sized, mess-free finger foods! Up your game by dipping them in assorted sauces.
  3. Sliders: Who doesn’t love a food you can eat with one hand? Especially a mini sized play on a classic.
  4. Seven/ Ten Layer Dip: No matter how many layers your dip has, it’s important to remember to go all-in, no one is going to charge you extra for the guac.
  5. JalapeΓ±o Poppers: Think of the popper as a socially acceptable way to consume a large amount of melted cheese. The pepper is merely the vehicle with the added benefit of being a vegetable, making this tasty snack basically a salad. Or go crazy and wrap them in bacon.
  6. Egg Rolls, Wontons, or Dumplings: The American deep-fried variant, stuffed with meat and cheese and/or cream cheese.
  7. Chicken Wings: With massive amounts of dipping sauces and wet naps.
  8. Nachos: Tortilla chips covered with melted cheese, garnishes, and a variety of toppings. Defying gravity and careening up to the sky.
  9. Pizza: You never say no to Pizza. Pizza is supreme.
  10. Cheese/Butter Board: Open TikTok and search cheese or butter board. You’ll thank us later.