Strain Reviews

One of the newest cultivars from Zero Gravity, Sunset Runtz was grown to last.

sunset runtzHappy Holidays! Chase away the dreaded cold and snuggle up with Sunset Runtz, a tropical flavored indica leaning strain. Bred by the legendary, Exotic Genetix, Sherbet & Runtz.

Sunset Runtz is an ideal strain for those in need of a blissful, potent body high without the groggy head. You’ll be down to relax, sip hot chocolate by the fire, and hang with friends and family. 

Visually, SR’s nugs are coated with sticky trichomes, layered with dark purples and light hues of green. Funky, garlic aromas tickle the nose. And after leaving my fingers sticky from handling, Sunset Runtz leaves the grinder with more funk and hits of notes of sour.

The smoke tastes of sweet lemon and citrus, a desirable terpene profile, with the benefits of a low harshness factor. The high creeps in behind the eyes and allows the mind to wander into creative spirals. Sunset Runtz has the special ability to melt away the everyday stressors and anxieties, while still leaving you alert enough to function. 

But, be wary light-at-heart smokers, Sunset Runtz stands out from the crowd as quick-hitting and hard-hitting. Recommended for an evening sesh with the friends or before bed for a good night’s sleep. 

Undoubtedly earning her spot on Zero Gravity’s lineup Sunset Runtz gets a solid 9/10.