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Employee Strain Review of Sunset Runtz, an Indica leaning strain created by Exotic Genetix, and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Sunset Runtz is a indica dominant hybrid strain bred from crossing Sunset Sherbet with Runtz. When you open a jar of Sunset Runtz, you’ll notice tropical fruity and sour notes with subtle hints of gas. After one hit of this strain, you’ll experience the sweet, earthy taste it offers. A good look at these buds, you’ll see they’re densely packed and sprinkled beautifully with trichomes. The flower is mostly green in color with stripes of purple emerging contrasting with its orange pistils.

In general, Sunset Runtz is known to promote a euphoric feeling. The euphoria that comes from the strain is both mental and physical, so it decreases any physical pain and can also relieve stress or emotional pain. Feeling the relief from pain, anxiety, or depression that Sunset Runtz brings also enables creativity or productivity since it helps you feel motivated.

Sunset Runtz is a versatile strain. I noticed tension in my body ease promoting relaxation without feeling sleepy. In addition to pain relief, I felt motivating and mood elevating effects of this strain. The mental and physical relief this strain provides is perfect for moving around and going on adventures or a comforting night at home.

Reviewed by Britt of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Grow Team

Sunset Runtz