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Squires Edibles in Maine Has Developed a 100mg Strawberry Hibiscus Cannabis Cocktail From Our Cherry Ghostenade Strain! All Natural – Fast Acting – Gluten Free – Vegan – Full Spectrum. 

Worlds collide as Zero Gravity Cannabis joins forces with Squier’s Specialty Edibles to release a brand-new collaborative cannabis cocktail. Everyone is stoked to try this product from two of the

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Squires x Zero Gravity

biggest brands in Maine Cannabis. Zero Gravity is known for consistent flower and concentrates while Squires Edibles has created a name for themselves in the full spectrum, real fruit edible market. 

For the last few years Squire’s elixirs has made cannabis cocktails from scratch w/ 100% real fruit & premium, full spectrum cannabis extract. Squires uses a full spectrum oil when creating their beverages and the signature emulsion process provides onset effects in 5 to 15 minutes. 

A ready-to-drink cannabis beverage harmoniously blended with real fruit, organic raw blue agave, infused with botanicals, and Zero Gravity’s award-winning Cherry Ghostenade hash, for a unique cocktail experience – minus the hangover! Succulent strawberries, mellowed with tart Egyptian hibiscus flowers, flow into the uplifting flavors of citrus and frunk in Zero Gravity’s Cherry Ghostenade.

About Zack Squier

Founder, Chef Zack Squier, grew up in southern Maine and the seacoast region of New Hampshire. Introduced to cooking and culinary environments at a young age, he has always been enamored by food and the art of cooking because it allows him the freedom to explore the unknown, and create something people love from mindful ingredients. 

Zack spent years as an executive chef in some of the area’s best and most culinary adventurous restaurants. After growing frustrated with the ingredients in most edibles, he founded Squier’s Specialty Edibles to develop an ethical and delicious product made with just as much thought and integrity as the food he spent so many years creating.

Coupling his love for food and plant-based medicine with his cannabis connoisseurship, Zack has created elixirs that offer a balance of flavor, nutrition, and cannabis content, all of which honor the quality of the cannabis plant. Combining his two passionsβ€”food and cannabisβ€”which synchronize seamlessly, Zack has found an entirely new way of bringing people together.