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A 50/50 Strain, Sour Banana Larry Runs As One Of Zero Gravity’s Most Asked About Strains, Let’s See Why.

Yo yo, we back! I hope everyone reading this is doing very well, and is having a splendid week. I can say that I am, and I’m always excited to be showcasing a strain for y’all to try. This week’s girl: Sour Banana Larry.

When I dispatched for Zero Gravity, she was easily the most asked about strain. I was so curious what the hype was. Reading to be sativa leaning, I was unsure if she was gonna work with me because sativas tend to trigger my anxiety. However, SBL was not that kind of sativa, and I can see why she’s always talked about.

Bred in Washington state by Exotic Genetix, SBL is a combination of Sour Larry OGK and Banana OgreKush. She reads to be a 50/50 even hybrid, with banana and diesel on the taste and nose. Excellent for daytime in small doses, but can be more sedating and couch-locking in heavier doses. I’m unfamiliar with the parents but very familiar with the breeder and cultivator, so you can bet your bottom dollar she is going to be a strong girl.

I rolled this bad larry into a classic blunt, and decided to have an outdoor sunset sesh. She was a dense girl, that grinded into a soft, fine texture. Not too fine enough that ya girl couldn’t roll a sub-par blunt with it though! I found a comfy outdoor spot, torched her up, and here’s what I gathered:

Those banana terps are true! On the nose that is. She reeked of banana and gas, just like she read to be. Zero Gravity’s SBL pheno runs more on the sativa end, and with those prominent fuel, skunky terps. However, on the taste, the banana doesn’t come through as much, but the sour and gas make their presence known.

A blunt would definitely be considered a “higher dose” in my opinion, and so that being said, SBL definitely gave my body a numbing, indica-like sensation. Muscles no longer felt tension, and I could just enjoy the nature around me. My mind was alert, and aware of the surrounding to be able to take in the scenery, but was also at ease so nothing could ruin the moment. I certainly felt the 50/50 high, and was very pleased to not feel major amounts of anxiety after enjoying.

All being said, I’m giving Sour Banana Larry by Zero Gravity a solid 9/10. Pleasant from flower to blunt, I enjoyed the sedating feeling that followed after smoking. I appreciated the mental alertness and ease, as it only made the sesh that more enjoyable. Smoking a blunt can be a lot for some, but man this was perfect in my opinion. Absolutely worth a try, and ya know ya girl gonna cop some next time she’s available.
I hope y’all enjoyed the read, and appreciate you for taking the time to read on this fire girl from Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Stay Blazed Y’all,
The Coastal Girl

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