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Employee Strain Review of Sour Banana Larry, a 50/50 even hybrid, bred by Exotic Genetix

Sour Banana Larry, the love child of Sour Larry OG and Banana OG Kush. This strain represents the perfect combination of its parent. With the dominant smell of sour and undertones of sweetness. The bud structure is dense and compact bud with a frosty dark green color, leaving you excited for packing, rolling, and wanting more.

This strain is notoriously known for inducing hunger and helping fight nausea. This munchie stimulating strain is also a great socializing flower that can spark in-depth and silly, giggling conversations. With its uplifting and euphoric high; This flower can be smoked in the day to help with focus without giving you that sativa jitter effect.

After rolling up some of this flower, I felt uplifted almost immediately.  After a long day of work and decompressing; This genuinely helped wash all the days anxieties away. This is a strain I make sure to have on hand for social events and my end of day flower. A second wind goes a long way after a long a day!!

Reviewed by Robert of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Inventory

Sour Banana Larry