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Royal Oak Strain Review 

Employee Strain Review of Royal Oak, a 60/40 indica hybrid, bred Archive Seeds and grown by Zero Gravity Cannabis.

Royal Oak is created by Archive Seeds and is an indica leaning hybrid. Born from GELATO and FACE OFF BX2, this strain contains dark green hues and an aroma of being happily lost in the woods on a sunny fall day.

Normally I lean towards a hybrid strain, or even sativa. Something fruity, gassy, or sour – a classic fun strain that is always available. But I also enjoy when a strain stands out on its own. Something earthy, spicy, that combine with a semi sweet taste. That’s where Royal Oak comes in.

Compared to other strains, I find Royal Oak to be different, and that’s appealing. To me, it’s a heavy indica, and it does its job. Whether I am watching a show, chatting with my friends on the couch, I enjoy smoking Royal Oak when I am ready to just relax at night.

It not only gives me a relaxed mental high, but also a soothing and de-stressing body high. Some strains make me anxious, and Royal Oak does not at all! I look forward to adding this strain into my evening smoking schedule. 

Reviewed by Liz of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Grow Team


Royal Oak