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New To The Zero Gravity Lineup, Let’s See How She Compares To The Rest Of The Fleet.

Hey hey, we back in the house y’all. Ya girl, the Coastal Girl, has cooked up another review for you, but this time, it’s with a brand new to the lineup flower. Get ready for this one.

Today we have Redbone originally created from the folks at ETHOS Genetics. Not to be confused with the hit song by Childish Gambino. RB is a hefty tri-cross of Manadrin Cookies x Purple Punch x Temple Kush. ETHOS is the reason behind Mandarin Cookies, Mandarin Sunset, Crescendo, and many more, so I do have high hopes from such a big name breeder.

Let’s get into the parents a bit: Mandarin Cookies first off is a nice hybrid strain, that will calm and sedate the user. MC also tends to have a diesel, citrus, and sweet taste to her. Next in line, an absolute classic, Purple Punch. Probably one of my favorite indicas ever, she is a hefty nighttime girl with all kinds of grape and fruit flavors. Finally we have Temple Kush, who is known to be an incredible intense, body-numbing indica strain, and citrus and spice. These are some heavy hitting parents, so I was very eager to try Redbone for the first time.

I opened her jar, and was SMACKED by fruit, sour, and citrus all at once. The smell was immaculate, like peeling a fresh orange. When I cracked the nugs, I’m sprayed with an invisible mist of orange peels and sourness. What a first impression! Tight cure, tight trim, and dense buds describe her nugs well. Tight enough that it’s tough to break her sugars and leaves at first, but when you do your fingers will have lots of little heads and a mild sticky texture.

Onto the smokey smoke, I packed her all up and went in for the rips. The most prominent flavors I noticed were citrus, earth, and slight berry on both inhale and exhale. After a couple hits of her, I didn’t feel too much pressure behind the eyes, but rather a more alert feeling. I didn’t particularly notice any sort of physical relief, but mostly that clear mind feeling where nothing could possibly bother you in that moment.

As the high settled some more, I did notice slight pressure on the eyes but not too much that I was ready for bed. Overall, I believe Redbone from ZG deserves an 9.5/10, as she definitely feels more of a true sativa. I very much enjoyed the aromas and smells of the Redbone, but the high was also pleasing for a sativa. Just a clear focused mind, with a burst of energy, and without the mental discomfort. I would highly recommend this strain for any sativa lovers out there.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review, always support your local growers!

Stay Blazed Y’all
The Coastal Girl

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