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Our cannabis sugar concentrate is a popular way for folks to dab. With their high potency and ease of use, sugars and badders are more popular than your typical cannabis “wax”. Sugars are very easy to manage with dabbing tools, adding to the enjoyment of the entire ritual. Sugar is another form of BHO extraction (Butane Hash Oil), but strains with higher lipid content in the trichome heads tend to sugar up when settling in the vacuum ovens.

Assorted strain options change regularly.

5 reviews for Sugar (1g)
  1. Ronnie

    Love the sugar I got from the delivery service. Sunset Runtz is a great high. Not as flavorful as Cherry Ghost or Gastro Pop but I love the high!

  2. Frank

    The Unicorn poop hits with that funky GMO flavor. I normally get their badder but have been mixing in some sugars. Not sure why but they seem to hit different. The badder is more managable to dab but digging the mix

  3. Sally

    Don’t sleep on the Cherry Ghost. Can’t even wrap my mind around this terpene profile. most unique smell and taste Ive come across on a weed strain

  4. Ortiz

    Sugar is the new wax! love it. the microdiamonds in this concentrate is a lot of fun and love how they melt in the dab rig.

  5. Ron

    Sugar, badder, diamonds, shatter. I like it all from ZG. I get the delivery and hit up Rosemary Jane downtown to get their stuff. Their delivery service is a little cheaper, but the prices in the stores on sugars ain’t bad either. Gastro pop and Devils toast are my go to. The devils toast strain they created is an amazing sativa.

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