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Created by Archive Seeds, Royal Oak is an indica leaning hybrid born from powerhouses Gelato and Face Off BX2.


Royal Oak is an indica leaning hybrid, created by Archive Seeds, that crosses powerhouses Gelato x Face Off BX2. Royal Oak is a heavy, potent strain that tastes both sweet and spicy. Great for stimulating appetite, physical relief, and anti-inflammatory, best recommended for nighttime use.

3 reviews for Royal Oak
  1. Becca Morley

    I absolutely LOVE this strain. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and a few puffs of this had me feeling relaxed and at peace without putting me to sleep. Will definitely be ordering more.

  2. gregory

    Nose appeal “I just want to live in there” -JB (me, quoting a friend who smelled the bag…quote used with permission).

    The exhale flavor had a slight hint of hashish, while the effect was heady and mildly visual. Hints of red visuals filled the darkness of the forest outside the glow of the campfire, sort of like a mild edible would trip up the senses. I found myself circling back on conversations from 30 minutes ago…great strain for getting to the edge of the universe, possibly even glimpsing it, before falling back to earth.

  3. gregory

    If I preferred indica I would have given it the fifth star

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