Red Bone

A new addition to the Zero Gravity fleet, Redbone is a sativa leaning hybrid that will certainly jumpstart your day. Bred by the famous ETHOS Genetics, she is a big cross of Mandarin Cookies, Purple Punch, and Temple Kush. Taking three hard-hitting classic strains, and combining them together, you get a strong, citrusy, and earthy strain known as Redbone. Ideal for daytime activities such as cleaning the house or running the daily errands.


A trifecta of strong cannabis genetics, ETHOS Genetics’ Redbone was created by taking Mandarin Cookies, Purple Punch, and Temple Kush and crossing the heavyweights. Mandarin Cookies, another ETHOS original, is going to be the ideal daytime strain with sweet flavors of citrus and diesel. She tends to give the user a nice sedating, calming high. Purple Punch on the other hand, is one of your ideal indica strains. Perfect for having a bowl after dessert, and to drift us slowly into a peaceful sleep while enjoying those grape and fruity terps. Finally we have Temple Kush, yet another original from the ETHOS Collective. With similar qualities to Afghani hash plants from 70s, Temple is an indica dominant hybrid that reeks of fuel, hash, wood, and funk. She will leave you dazed and at peace for hours.


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