Purple Punch

Truly a classic cultivar, Purple Punch is an indica dominant strain that has been in our garden for years. Originally bred from Supernova Genetics, Zero Gravity’s Purple Punch is covered in a blanket of resinous trichomes, with lots of purples and oranges peeking underneath. A cross of Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG, she will be an excellent flower to enjoy after dinner when cozying up for bed.


The parents of Purple Punch are Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Introduced by Ken Estes, GDP is a famous potent indica dominant strain, and is quite frankly the granddaddy of purple strains. Sugary, purpley, and dense, GDP tends to boast lots of berry and grape flavors, and is most ideal for nighttime enjoyment. Co-parent Larry OG is yet another popular strain, yet she will be more on the energizing side, but will also give cerebral relief. Tends to be very clean and piney on the nose, and great for daytime tasks. Purple Punch takes a lot from GDP with looks, bud structure, and flavors, but certainly takes from Larry with the euphoria and creativity to follow after enjoying. 


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