Mr. Clean

A sativa dominant strain from Exotic Genetix, Zero Gravity’s Mr. Clean boasts lots of green and orange hues, with a strong haze of fruit and earth on the nose. Being a blend of The Cube and Lime Skunk, Mr. C will wake you up with a euphoric headrush, while also calming the body. Not enough to make you sleepy though, and should be definitely considered a part of your daytime stash.


Mr. Clean’s genetics make up of The Cube and Lime Sunk, and was bred in Washington by Exotic Genetix. The Cube was also born from Exotic, tends to have aroma notes of anise and sweet fruit, with a tad of spice on the exhale. She will make you aroused, giggly, and perhaps sleepy as she tends to lean indica. Lime Skunk, yet another EG original, is a strong sativa dominant girl that reeks of fresh limes. She will uplift and alert the user and get you prepped for all of the day’s activities. Zero Gravity’s Mr. Clean, displays a nice balance of the parents, while also showcasing her own unique flavors and effects.


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1 review for Mr. Clean

  1. Gregory

    This one cleverly skirts the edge of uncomfortably numb and ‘get-up-and-go.’ Love it.

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