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Malibu Marsha is a 50/50 hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix. Created by crossing Tropicana x Cookies & Cream these buds have a beautiful purple tint caked with trichomes. Patients can expect a calm, creative head high that provides a mood boosting effects. Making this the perfect strain for a social or relaxing setting.

  • Calming
  • Creative
  • Uplifting
1 review for Malibu Marsha 50/50 Hybrid
  1. Gregory

    Malibu Marcia – (50/50 indica hybrid)

    Smelled like a sweet lemon grass. Looked beautiful, with calyx-y top nug and a patient trim job…the internal structure was stacked with trichomes. The joint ash was almost completely white, with very few carbonized bits that I noticed when I ground the ash in my hands…good flush on this batch.

    I could literally notice the cognitive indica effects take hold while smoking it. By the time the joint was half gone, the sativa started to take hold and I was driven to wrap up a few loose ends around the house before the mellow mood struck me. Great way to transition between your busy β€˜day’ life and the sweet tranquility of a night sitting under the sea of stars.

    4.5/5 stars

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