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We make our live resin by flash-freezing (using dry ice) freshly harvested cannabis flower, preserving the rich terpene profile and potent cannabinoid content. The frozen material is run through the extraction columns of our ETS machine just as we would dry material for other BHO products. The end result? Welcome to Flavortown! We have made quite a name for ourselves in the concentrate world with our live resin vapes!

2 biggest benefits of live resin over other concentrates are:

  • Broader Terpene Profile: Live resin contains a higher concentration of terpenes, allowing a more robust and flavorful experience. The flavor palette on live resin isn’t comparable.
  • Potent Effects: The dry ice process preserves cannabinoids, giving you a more potent and well-rounded high. Our strains have been hunted over years, we only offer flavors that hit the palette hard.

Assorted strain options change regularly.

5 reviews for Live Resin (1g)
  1. Jill

    Zero Grav’s live resin disposable vapes are the best in the game. Hands down

  2. Sash

    Cherry Ghost live is the best flavor concentrate you will ever have. don’t give a fuck what anyone else says : )

  3. Darrell

    Guava tangie live carts don’t play. Fuck what you heard or tried before.

  4. Nan

    No doubt some of the best carts in the game. I don’t dab live resin anymore, I just get the carts. flavor to the last pull. Get the Cherry or Guava

  5. Darrell

    Fuck what ya heard. Zero gravi live is the best.

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