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Our live resin cartridges are made exclusively from fresh plant material. While the process for most extraction types begins once the plant material has been dried or cured, live resin begins directly after harvest when cannabis buds and small sugar leaves are still fresh “live” and loaded with terpenes. We continually improve our processes for developing live resin and rosin cartridges. Having the ability to enjoy the full flavor of the plant in a vape cartridge has been extremely appealing to our users. Although they may not pack the same punch as our distillate cartridges, the live resin aroma & flavor is not comparable. Most would rather enjoy a live resin cartridge due to the flavor and the high associated with a more full spectrum product, specifically higher terpene concentrations.

2 reviews for 1g Live Resin Vape Cartridge
  1. Adam Littlefield

    All I have is one word: WOW. I can’t get enough of these carts, it is the next best thing to smoking the flower itself. The effects are truly the effects of the full spectrum flower strain, and not from a distillate base. I’ll be honest I have tried carts from other companies that are labeled as a sativa strain but the effects are always muddy and never really a true sativa. Not with this though, I tried the Mr. Clean live resin cartridge and immediately felt the signature clear headed and euphoric effects that comes with smoking the flower. Will absolutely be ordering again.

  2. doug

    Absolute fire live resin carts. No joke. I have had some dissapointments with some of the flower but these carts are fire. I get through delivery in portland. If you are in Maine hit up delivery and get the carts

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