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Our Live rosin allows you to experience the purest form of the terpene profile from all our strains, well the ones that make good live rosin anyway. Cannabis connoisseurs are picking up our Cherry Ghostenade, Unicorn Poop, Sunset Runtz and Guava Tangie live rosin the most.

For those who don’t know, live rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to ice water hash. Live Rosin is a solventless hash oil. We make our starting “bubble hash” in a cleanroom environment using industrial stainless steel equipment to wash our fresh frozen live flower. It’s then put in a freeze drier (the resulting wet ice water hash), and then loaded into small nylon mesh bags and pressed with heat plates (heat and pressure). The resulting melted product is the finalized Live Hash Rosin.

Assorted strain options change regularly.

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4 reviews for Live Hash Rosin (1g)
  1. Nancy

    The Guava Tangie is off the chain. Forget it. Love this rosin. Never had a bad experience with ZG rosin. Love the rosin gummies as well.

  2. Melanie

    I only smoke rosin. Zero gravity is probably in the top five of what Maine has to offer. Depending on the strain. If you’re going to try their rosin and start with the unicorn poop and sunset runtz.

  3. Nelson

    Never had a bad experience with ZG products. Their rosin is top grade on all accounts. I’ve smoked just about every brand of Live Rosin in Maine and they are up there with the best

  4. Linda

    Unicorn poop, cherry ghost, sunset runtz. Forget it. All fire. The devils toast rosin is super strong. I bugged. I cant do a sativa that strong

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