Kimbo Kush

Our phenotype of Kimbo Kush has been with us since day one. A cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, this strong parentage offers a heavier than average Kush experience, leaning closer to a full indica buzz with every puff. Typically more dark in color, our Kimbo is a vibrant green with a strong gassy nose. More on the indica side, sit back and enjoy the heavy stone.



Another classic, Kimbo Kush is one of Zero Gravity’s day one strains. With her excellent yielding and potent indica leaning smoke, she solidified her spot for good. Originally bred in Washington state by the famous Exotic Genetix, Kimbo is a heavyweight cross of Blackberry Kush and Starfighter. Her gassy and citrus notes will swell up your nose, and her effects pack a punch like the late great legend she was named after, Kimbo Slice. Expect euphoric relaxed effects, however in high doses, she may glue you to the couch for the night.

Blackberry Kush and Starfighter are the parents of Kimbo Kush, and help make this indica the way she is. Blackberry Kush is an indica dominant strain that is best suited for pain management with lots of hash, fruity, and diesel notes to go with. Co-parent Starfighter, will lean more on the hybrid side and give the user a more uplifted high, with sweet herbal aromas on the nose. Kimbo Kush takes from both parents while also showing off her own traits that make her unique and worth a try.


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