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Flavored with real Cannabis derived terpenes (flavors as available). 2 parts THC 1 part CBD, these carts are unique, we would suggest anyone used to straight THC vaping to give them a try. We find the cannabinoid profile of adding in the CBD to be delightful.


Our cannabis vape cartridges are 100% clean and safe. Made in-house, we use real cannabis terpenes added to a broad spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD oil (not distillate) rich in various cannabinoids, fats, terpenes, lipids and flavinoids. Available in .5 or 1 gram THC vape cartridges. Zero Gravity offers Full-spectrum cannabis oil in strain-specific vape cartridges as well as pure distillate with or without terpene flavoring. The small, discreet vape pen makes it easy to use cannabis on the go, in town or for any adventure. All vape carts are made in our C1D1 on site extraction facility. 


1 review for .5g Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge
  1. Christina

    Don’t sleep on the 2:1 THC:CBD carts!!! I was worried they wouldn’t be as potent with the 2:1 and addition of CBD. I was WRONG. My favorite and go to carts for a workable, relaxing, daytime high.

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