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Cherry Ghostenade

Locally bred here in Maine, Cherry Ghostenade is one of Zero Gravity’s most proudest, and potent cultivars. Hailing originally from Chief Tokah of Chief Seed Co in Saco Maine, he combined Lemon Hashplant and Cherry Ghost to create the Ghostenade. Expect an incredibly sedating body high, that also gives a clear-headed, euphoric head high. Not recommended for the novice smoker, as the intense skunk and cherry aromas and tastes are strong enough to make you want more. The high will immediately follow, one that any connoisseur would enjoy.


Lemon Hashplant x Cherry Ghost created by Chief Seed Company

Lemon Hashplant is a strong member of the Hashplant family, and if grown well, creates an incredible indica high with strong citrus aromas. Cherry Ghost will also lean indica, and is a more of a rarity strain. She also tends to have those intense skunk and cherry aromas. Cherry Ghostenade takes a lot from her parents, while also keeping herself unique amongst Zero Gravity’s arsenal. 

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1 review for Cherry Ghostenade

  1. Dave

    Absolutely amazing, very unique scent. Super dense buds will not leave you disappointed. So glad I tried this strain one of my new favorites!

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