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Bred by local Chief Tokah Seeds, the funky lemony/cherry fruit comes through strong on this phenotype.


Cherry Ghostenade bred by local Chief Tokah Seeds, has a funky lemony/cherry fruit coming through strong on taste & aroma. A cross between Lemon Hash Plant and Cherry Ghost, Cherry Ghostenade is a top quality indica-dominant hybrid. There are several strains in existence that are referred to as Hash Plant, but this one in particular stands out among the rest. The aroma is floral with hints of lemon and cherry.

4 reviews for Cherry Ghostenade
  1. Dave

    Absolutely amazing, very unique scent. Super dense buds will not leave you disappointed. So glad I tried this strain one of my new favorites!

  2. Kevin

    Tried a pre roll and was amazed at how well it smoked and made me feel! Thank you !

  3. Clancy Woodrum

    How do I go about purchasing some of the cherry ghostenade seeds.

  4. Ben Guilbert

    This is a new favorite of mine. Amazing taste and nice smooth smoke; will definitely be getting more.

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