Caviar Hash

Caviar was developed by East Coast Gold in Bangor, Maine. Loaded with high cannabinoids and terpenes, caviar hash is not for the novice smoker. With THC potency reaching high 80s in concentrated percentages, this cannabis extract is meant for people with experience. Vibrant, potent and extremely tasty, caviar hash has been a favorite for Maine cannabis consumers for years.


Caviar hash has a very similar consistency to Luminosa. When we do offer caviar, it is our flower & trim processed by East Coast Gold in Bangor, Maine as they are the creators of this particular cannabis extract. The COAs we have gotten back on caviar is impressive, with cannabinoid percentages reaching the high 80s. Not for the novice smoker, caviar packs a phytocannabinoid and terpene-rich punch!


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