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Badder is a type of cannabis hydrocarbon concentrate/hash that has the consistency of cake batter. Someone clever decided to change the spelling of “Batter” to Badder. With its more malleable texture that can range in from damp, wet or waxy, its popular for dabbing. It’s an easy cannabis concentrate to work with because of the manageable badder like consistency.

Like all of our cannabis concentrates, the starting material comes from our gardens ensuring flavor and quality. We only run strains that are rich in terpenes and flavor profile. Some of our more popular badder options are Wonka Bars, Guava Tangie, Cherry Ghostenade, Gastro Pop, Violet Fog and Pearly Whites.

Assorted strain options change regularly.

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9 reviews for Cannabis Badder (1g)
  1. Niko

    The cherry ghost badder is off the chain. I tried many badders throughout the state in this by far has the most flavor. What a unique terpene profile. I’ve had the flower as well and the flavor last all the way to the end of the joint

  2. Meg

    Unicorn poop is my favorite flavor for sugar and badder. ZG has amazing concentrates

  3. Doug

    Unicorn poop ain’t bad badder. I can really taste the GMO terps

  4. Zack

    Fuckin tasty all the way through. Wonka Bar, sunset runtz and kimbo kush hit nice. Love the terps out of this outfit. I drive up from CT to get their products.

  5. Patirk

    Love the badders. I like the non CRC BHO concentrates when available. I’m pretty sure they remediate their runs, but the flavor is still amazing on most of the strains. dabbing the badder is easy.

  6. Gus

    I’ll take badders over shatter any day. So much easier to work with and I feel like its stronger for some reason. Hit up the Cherry Ghost strain they have. INSANE terps

  7. sandra

    Bought a baller jar of this badder off the delivery service in Saco. Totally worth it, amazing price for the quality. got unicorn poop. hits!~

  8. Don

    Love Zero Gravity

  9. Josh

    Been getting lots of concentrates at OMG cannabis on India street in Portland. They didn’t have any of this badder there so went to Cannabis Haven when in Lewiston. ridiculous deals on badder and I didn’t need a med card. I got the sunset runtz. I’ll def be buying more.

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