Bobblehead Bars

Bobblehead bars are a THC packed treat that’s out of this world! Vegan and gluten free options now available. *Pending official testing & certification for GF and vegan options.

Available in Plain Jane, Total Eclipse, Moons & Martians, Planet Butter Cup, Cookies & Cream, Mint, Toffee, and Cosmic Crunch.


Plain Jane

Creamy original Bobblehead vegan milk chocolate. Contains soy. GF Ⓥ

Total Eclipse

Dark chocolate. Another Bobblehead original for the dark chocolate lover wanting a smooth, mellow experience. Contains soy. GF Ⓥ

Moons & Martians

Creamy Bobblehead chocolate with colorful candy coated cocoa gems. Contains soy and milk. GF

Planet Butter Cup

Creamy Bobblehead chocolate with peanut butter cup pieces for a sweet and salty treat. Contains soy, milk, and nuts. GF

Cookies and Cream

Creamy Bobblehead chocolate mixed with Oreo crumble. Contains soy and wheat.


Creamy Bobblehead chocolate and Andes mint pieces. Contains soy and milk. GF


Creamy Bobblehead chocolate with almond toffee bits. Contains soy, milk, and nuts. GF

Cosmic Crunch

Creamy Bobblehead chocolate and brown rice crisps for a vegan twist on a classic favorite. Contains soy. GF Ⓥ


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