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We’ve been delivering weed in Maine for years now with Portland always being the busiest zone

While a Google search of cannabis-friendly cities that have weed delivery pulls up big names like Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego, over here on the East Coast we know that’s just because we’re a hidden gem (or maybe because most of the country thinks Maine is part of Canada). Their loss is the savvy weed traveler’s gain! If you’re looking to do a little toking tourism, you can’t beat a stop in Potland… errr, Portland, Maine… the original Portland. With a vibrant downtown, host to a wide variety of cannabis storefronts and marijuana delivery services, and a population of pro-cannabis residents, you can’t beat a vacation to the jewel of Vacationland. 

Maine’s agricultural backbone made for an easy transition into cannabis cultivation for those in the Pine Tree State’s farming industry. Talk to one of our state’s 3,000+ registered caregivers, and odds are they’ll tell you their family history in growing things from the ground, which translates into product grown with care, knowledge, and integrity. From potatoes to pot, these Mainers have a historical green thumb that β€œcity folk” growing in other states are hard-pressed to compete with. You’ll have a difficult time finding any mids in Maine, so long as you’re mindful of shopping local, and avoid those corporate dispos masquerading as homegrown.  

This farming background doesn’t mean, as a visitor, you’re relegated to a rustic experience. Portland is also known for its restaurant scene: pre-pandemic statistics heralded the seaside city as having the most restaurants per capita in the nation, and while the landscape has been rapidly changing as we collectively recover from COVID’s effects on the hospitality industry, there are no shortage of eateries to assuage your hunger once the munchies strike. From dive bars and lobster roll shacks to James Beard-nominated fine dining establishments, there is a dish to pair with whatever cannabis strain you’ve had delivered. A little Gelato before you visit Gorgeous Gelato, perhaps?

Portland is also home to a thriving creative scene, with Maine College of Art & Design located on the peninsula and an abundance of artists and musicians splashing the city with color. Live music and events of every flavor can be found tucked into little hideaways like Blue, where you can find smooth jazz sounds, or Flask for pulsing EDM beats or karaoke on Thursdays, or funk night on Mondays at Portland House of Music, or big-ticket names at the majestic State Theater, or underground shows at Sun Tiki (a performance space housed in a former tanning salon), or burlesque shows at Geno’s Rock Club… you get the picture.  Many of Zero Gravity’s customers have their weed delivered right to the establishment they are hanging at. The friendly disposition of Portland’s people means you’ll have no shortage of new friends to make over a pre-rolled joint acquired at the numerous dispensaries & cannabis delivery services, either medical or recreational. 

On a functional level, the fact that Maine recognizes other state’s medical cards makes it easy for out-of-staters to vacation here and still get medical price discounts, as well as far less tax than you’d find on the West Coast or in Colorado. If you wind up overdoing it a bit (as we all do now and then) and can’t bring yourself to walk in to a brick and mortar shop, you can whip that phone right out and hit up WeedMaps for a broad selection of Maine cannabis delivery services. Cannabis and convenience, hand in hand. 

For those who wish to venture outside of Portland’s city limits, there are an endless assortment of destinations where you can reconnect with nature. While our mountains might not rival the Rockies in height, our proximity to the ocean lets you sample the best of both worlds, sometimes at the same time. Nothing beats a summit overlooking the sea, in our humble opinion. Check out this article, TOP 5 PORTLAND SMOKE SPOTS for picturesque smoke spots near the city, explore the myriad islands accessible by ferry, or hop in the car for a road trip Down East, where Acadia National Park boasts some of most beautiful hikes in the state.  It’s well known that ocean air is good for your lungs, so toking up next to the crashing surf is really the way life should be.

A cannabis-friendly community can’t be beat, especially if you’re visiting from a place that is still a little behind the times. In Maine, conservatives and liberals, grandmas and OGs alike look upon the plant favorably, so no matter where you go, you’ll be in good company. If your vacation lines up with one of the Community Bonfire events, or the various weed-friendly festivals that take place in the Maine woods, you’re in for a great treat. With glass-blowing demonstrations, art vendors, and performance artists, these events are growing in popularity and showcase the best of what Maine’s cannabis community is about. If you’re visiting this fall, the Haunted Harvest Bonfire is right around the corner, happening October 22 in Southern Maine. Visit their website for more details at 

Be it by plane, train, car, or sea, make Maine your next weed tourism destination and see for yourself why our state’s motto is the way life should be. Check out our cannabis delivery page for more options.