With A Strain Name Like OG OG OH, You Gotta Know How It Smokes

OG OG OH, also known as “OG”, is an interesting variety that leans mostly indica. It’s F1 cross between OG D Lux, and Josh D OG x Temple Kush F3. The “OG” cut offered at Zero Gravity offers a trichome laden lime green canvas with creamy orange pistils that would catch any consumer’s eye. 

OG will quickly fill the room with the classic OG funky aromas that will entice all who have tried and love the classic OG’s like Triangle Kush, Royal Kush, SFV OG, Ghost OG, and Hollywood Pure Kush. This specific OG cut cultivated at Zero Gravity boasts the classic OG/Diesel funk upfront with undertones of menthol and cherries. A unique mashup that resembles traits to the likeness of Royal Kush. 

OG can bring on instant relief both in the mind and body, while also promoting slight creativity. This variety could be seen as an aid for those who deal with anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Even as an aid for those with physical injuries, nerve/muscle tension and the like, while not giving the common in-the-couch lethargic feeling that many Indica leaning hybrids can. When consuming this OG, the effects might leave you feeling uplifted, and your body relieved of all the tension from the long day. If consumed in excess this varietal may leave you in a dreamy state.

After consuming a bowl of Zero Gravity’s OG Flower, I was very pleased with the aroma that hits the nose, and the flavor that coats the mouth. Almost instantly I was able to feel the calming euphoric effects that come from this hybrid. As someone who has used cannabis in the past as an aid for a plethora of medical conditions, I see clearly how medicinally beneficial this cultivar can be for a wide range of mental/physical conditions. As someone who now doesn’t need anything more than a bowl of flower a day, or I’ll feel “high”. I can see how this variety can benefit even the recreational consumer who want a pleasurable, safe way to unwind from the day. 


– A Garden Hermit –