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Our Cherry Ghostenade Took First Place In The Flower Category At The NECANN Competition!

Zero Gravity Cannabis couldn’t be more excited with the results of the 2020 NECANN competition. We submitted 2 flower entries, the MAC by Capulator and Cherry Ghostenade by Chief Seed Company. Not going to lie, we had a feeling the Cherry Ghostenade would place and weren’t suprised it won the best Cannabis Flower category. Cherry Ghostenade is one of our top 3 most popular strains.

cherry ghostenade zero gravity cannabis

Cherry Ghostenade

As our company grows, offering cultivars bred here in Maine is becoming a priority. Chief Seed Company has 10 years of breeding experience, his genetics are properly done. The funky Lemony/Cherry fruit comes through on this phenotype strong. The stone is euphoric, not overly heavy but just right. The bag appeal and smell is unreal. Made with Lemon Hashplant, Cherry Ghostenade is a top shelf Indica Hybrid. There are several strains in existence that are referred to as Hash Plant, but this parent stands out among the rest. … The aroma is floral with hints of lemon with an extremely unique terpene profile.

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