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Not To Be Confused With Your Household Cleaning Products, But Can Absolutely Help Bring The Motivation To clean Those Messes.

Hello stoners of Maine and beyond! This is the Coastal Girl coming online again to give y’all the rundown on another great strain. Put away those paper towels and cleaning sprays, cause this Mr. Clean ain’t gonna be for that.

100% bred and lineage from Exotic Genetix, Mr. Clean is a sativa leaning girl that tends to give off some haze and citrus on the nose. When smoked, she is read to uplift the user into getting things done, but will calm your body at the same time. She won’t put you to sleep, but relax and numb any physical pain. Her parents are Lime Skunk and The Cube, which I haven’t tried either personally. Cube is gonna read more like an indica with berry and fruit tones, whereas your LS is gonna be the sativa parent with intense lime aromas. I’m mad curious to see how this girl will truly smoke, and how her parents are incorporated.

When I opened Mr. Clean’s jar, I’m immediately smacked with intense haze, anise, and slight citrus. Haziness and anise were definitely the dominant flavors, which I read tends to come from The Cube (anise notes that is). Evenly soft and ground up, we’re packing this bad larry into the pink beaker bong today.

Wow. Mr. Clean hits deep. I had never tried Zero Gravity’s cut, and I have got to say she hit ya girl harder than expected. I noticed the usual pressure on my eyes, and almost felt dazed after. Despite all of that, I still feel the productivity. I still have the motivation to complete necessary tasks. It’s almost like she had me feeling like I was high for the first time, but still totally functional and aware. After just three good rips, I was what one may call… stoned.

As far as taste, I mainly picked up on the strong haziness. The flavor had earthiness to her, as well as lots of citrus. The effects did have a happy medium of mental and physical relief, with the smell of the nugs truly attracting me the most.

Overall, Zero Gravity’s Mr. Clean is gonna earn herself a 8/10 from ya girl. The effects were heady yet pain-relieving, with intense aromas and subtle taste. Mr. Clean hit deep for me, making her a little ZG gem in my mind. I don’t see her appear often on their menu, but when she appears again, give her a scoop and a torch and see whatcha think for yourself on this famous Exotic Genetix strain.

Thank y’all so much for taking the time to read this review, it truly means everything and keeps me going and excited for more to come. As always,

Stay Blazed Y’all,
The Coastal Girl

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