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Zero Grav Grows It And Royal River Washes It. Hash In Maine Has Never Tasted So Good!

zero gravity live rosin

Zero Gravity Cannabis X Royal River

There are many amazing solventless hash producers in Maine. The finest hash always starts with high quality inputs, in particular fresh frozen material right off the plant. When we make a new batch of solventless, the material going in the freezer has just been stripped from the plant. We literally walk the flower, mostly lower buds, down the hall to the Royal River Botanicals solventless hash lab. From there it goes into the sub-zero freezer for a deep freeze, then into the wasing machine to make bubble hash. The bubble hash is then cold curedt o preserve the volatile terpene profile of the live plant. Once the bubble hash has been dried, we use a fine micron bag to press the material using a rosin press. The result is a hash oil free of plant material and terpene rich.

Live hash rosin is a solventless extract made by pressing bubble hash extracted from freshly frozen, or live, flowers. This process captures the live terpene profile of the plant without the use of solvents because bubble hash is more of a water sieve than extraction. Live Rosin demand is on the rise all throughout New England. Patients and customers are willing to pay a premium for an extract with a richer terpene profile. As of now, our most popular live rosin is Wonka Bars. The GMO funk really comes out on that one.



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