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Maine, the way life should be. Most of us can agree on that, but can our recreational cannabis program differentiate itself from State’s with less than desirable recreational programs?

Purple Punch - Craft Maine Marijuana & Cannabis Strains at Zero Gravity CannabisThere is still a battle amont cannabis growers in Maine, those that are holding onto and defending the medical cannabis program and those that are all in on the recreational cannabis program. All of which started, and continue to operate (as of today) in the medical cannabis program. The trend in State’s that adopt recreational cannabis programs is the medical cannabis programs fade out. That’s a shame as medical programs allow for MUCH more affordable pricing, less barrier to¬†entry and typically have medical cannabis cultivators that actually care about the patients (consumers that need cannabis more than the general public).

Maine’s medical marijuana program has been ,and still is the best in the country. Maine’s allowed for small, medium and “lagrer” medical cannabis cultivators to operate without exorbanant fees, reasonable distribution allowances and have let us do our thing unincumbered (for the most part). There are businesses (including ours) that are beginning to brand ourselves, and feel comfortable doing so. For so many years everyone’s been afraid to put themselves our there, still apprehensive to completely “come out of the shadows”. I’d say a majority of these brands are positioning themselves for the Maine recreational cannabis market, we certainly are. We also plan on continuing to participate in the medical cannabis program. We belive in less expensive meds for cannabis patients. We’ll always donate medicine to those who can’t afford it, including a free RSO program. We’re extremely lucky here in Maine; as cultivators can participate in both the medical cannabis and recreational cannabis programs. Medical and recreational cultivators can seperate their facilities to accomodate both programs.

There’s currently a bill to allow medical cannabis growers to sell into the recreational cannabis programs. The medical cannabis facilities will need to follow the same guidelines, and make any upgrades, to mirror recreational cannabis program rules. Fingers crossed, although I don’t expect it to pass. I do expect another sponsored bill of similar language to quickly be entered. Knowing how the cannabis industry goes in Maine, we’ll get it done. Another wonderful thing about Maine is we can get changes done with persistance and proper communication.

It seems that in most other states allowing for recreational cannabis, they go out of their way to make things difficult for small growers that are trying to do it ourselves, the right way. Taxes, politics, well funded groups and overall ingorance leaves us shaking our heads. These well funded “Chads” are putting all their money into expensive facilities that aren’t properly designed and are run by “horticultural experts” that have never grown cannabis (a fancy degree don’t mean shit in this business). I truly believe they think us old school outlaws aren’t as intelligent or business savvy as they are as we sit back and laugh at their stupid mistakes. Now, I want to see everyone succeed in the recreational cannabis industry, everyone that has been doing this for over 5-10 years that is. Not people with money that weare shiny shoes, button down shirts and drive luxury vehicles. Stay in your lane.

So far I can’t complain, its been a wild ride. The future of Maine recreational cannabis is bright and I remain optimistic. I believe in Maine and it’s people. The phrase “don’t tread on me” is alive and well in the crown of New England.

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