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We are pleased to announce availability in Augusta of our full Cannabis product offering via the WeedMaps interface

Slowly but surely, Zero Gravity Cannabis has been expanding throughout the great state of Maine. Our cannabis delivery service has been widely successful in the greater Portland area, secondly in Biddeford/Saco and now Augusta. We’ve made a strategic decision to focus on cannabis delivery infrastructure rather than open a retail/caregiver storefront. Reason being we feel we can reach more people this way. Too many people have asked where they can get our products and are bummed out if the store we are in is too far for them to travel. And let’s not forget that a lot of our patients are sick, can’t travel far from home, have limited income or just plain don’t want to leave the house. A well-run cannabis delivery network solves this, coupled with a modest marketing and sales effort to get on the shelves of a few stores, puts us in a position of max capacity.

ClickΒ HEREΒ For Augusta Cannabis Delivery

We feel so strongly in our products being high quality at fair pricing, we want to get it to as many patients and customers as possible. We’ll always strive to keep our operating costs down in order to get our people products they can trust at the best prices in the state. Our delivery business has optimized this accessibility goal. For medical cannabis, we encourage everyone to go to and spend a few minutes to update or get a medical cannabis card. At this point, we’re not a recreational company and are 100% compliant in the Maine Medical Marijuana Program.

We will operate part of our business under the Maine Medical Marijuana Program for as long as possible, even when going recreational. Offering true medicine to qualified patients at a lower rate is something we believe in. We help everyone that needs it, no matter your financial situation. We are all in this business today on the backs of the sick and suffering. We can never forget that.


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