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Our philosiphies align, making the Maine Growers Alliance the perfect fit for ongoing cannabis lobbying and networking. The non-profit associations long term goals include lobbying for Mainers, supporting our small to medium size cultivators and sharing our individual talents with each other.

We were psyched to see the formation of the Maine Growers Alliance, a cannabis industry trade association/non-profit, and jumped on the opportunity. Made up of small to medium size companies, the alliance will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Maine’s craft cannabis industry. The talented growers, 3rd party professional services and and complimenting lobby groups all share the same mission. The more marketshare local small companies can gain, the less corporate outside interest can takeover. Maine has always been craft. From produce to meat, beer and seafood, this state is more localized than most in the US. Cannabis needs to follow suit.

A key strategic alliance is with the Maine Craft Cannabis Association. The Alliance has partnered with them for all things political. We are growers, not politicians. But, proper represention in Augusta is paramount for future success, which we don’t have the time or experience to do. We trust the Craft Cannabis Association primarily because of their proven track record of fighting for the rights of small cultivators. Their group consists of industry professionals and groups such as Legalize Maine, Compassionate Caregivers of Maine and various allied small Maine cannabis businesses. Agendas are developed by the Growers Alliance board of directors and presented to the Craft Cannabis Association. Every member will be presented with the agenda for a yay or nay. The agenda will be available at the meetings, both on site and virtual, as well as through the website and email.

Although a majority of their budget will be directed toward lobbying, an important effort will be raising money for non-profits in and out of the cannabis industry such as Wayside Food Programs and Over The Moon Foundation, a medical cannabis donation program. The group will have majority rule in all decisions governed by the board of directors. There will also be a cannabis marketplace for member to showcase, sell and purchase members products. For more infomation on the Maine Growers Alliance visit:

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