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The Maine Women’s Cannabis Connection field day event was an absolute blast!!!

Summer is here and we kicked it off in the best way possible, by sponsoring and participating in the Maine Women’s Cannabis Connection first ever Cannabis Field Day event!

The Maine Women’s Cannabis Connection is a nonprofit whose goal is to create a community in which women in the cannabis industry support each other and give back to the community.

The team here at Zero Gravity has a special place in the MWCC community. MWCC Co-founder Haley Knaub is the Director of Marketing & Promotions at Zero Gravity Cannabis, and also a proprietor of Earth Air Organics. Lauren Wilbur is the first MWCC employee, as well as Marketing & Sales at ZG. And Kaitlyn Grassette, Zero Gravity Event Manager extraordinaire, helped schedule, organize, and plan the field day event.

Excited for the opportunity to prove we’re the best in town and show some ZG pride, we geared up. Split between our new line of camo green and summer space gear, we formed two teams to take home the trophy. With our own mini ZG Field day, we got the inside scoop on the games and figured out the best strategies. We showed up for game day ready.

… only to place 4th. Beat by the amazing teams at Earth Air Organics, Green Truck Farms, & Absolute Chronic. Some could say we let them win, others would say we got a little too high on our own supply, but we can all agree that we had an amazing time at the 1st annual MWCC Field Day event.