Maine Cannabis DeliveryΒ 

Zero Gravity Cannabis is now open for cannabis delivery service throughout Southern Maine! We’ve been involved with cannabis delivery for over 2 years now and feel we have it dialed in. Our dispatchers and delivery drivers are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions relating to products as everyone involved in our delivery service is well versed in all our cannabis offerings.

Weedmaps is our primary resource for all things weed delivery. In order to get the cannabis delivery process started we suggest checking out the menu here or by clicking the WeedMaps logo above.

Our Weedmaps menu is updated daily with the highest quality cannabis products to give you the best medical cannabis you rely on. We single-source everything, so medical patients can expect quality cannabis at an affordable price. Whether you’re on vacation or a local medical cannabis cardholder, we invite you to try our Maine marijuana delivery service today!

How Cannabis Delivery Works

Our cannabis delivery drivers are what makes us Maine’s most popular delivery service. We continually get compliments on how comfortable they make everyone feel. The product descriptions on our marijuana delivery menu are thorough, allowing you to make a proper product decision and get your order in! Whether you are in Maine on vacation or a local regular medical cannabis customer/patient you can rely on us for the highest quality cannabis products at an affordable price.