Company News

Our Cannabis Delivery Service Will Be Operating With A New Schedule. Please Take Note! 

As we wind down the summer months we need to adjust our delivery service hours accordingly. It’s always tough on our regular delivery service customers when we cut back the hours, but its a necessary evil unfortunately! A couple things we would like our delivery service customers to keep in mind for the future:

  • We are moving away from being so reliant on WeedMaps for our cannabis delivery service needs. Full transparency to you our loyal patients/customers; They are WAY too expensive and the market here in Maine does not support the astronomical marijuana delivery service marketing platform fees. What does this mean for you??? PLEASE use our website directly for the delivery service menu offerings. 
  • Yes, we are cutting down delivery hours and days. Winter in Maine is rough Y’all!!!! New delivery service hours are:
    • Closed Sunday & Monday
    • Tuesday – Thursday 2-8pm
    • Friday & Saturday 12-8pm

How Cannabis Delivery Works

Our cannabis delivery drivers are what makes us Maine’s most popular delivery service. We continually get compliments on how comfortable they make everyone feel. The product descriptions on our marijuana delivery menu are thorough, allowing you to make a proper product decision and get your order in! Whether you are in Maine on vacation or a local regular medical cannabis customer/patient you can rely on us for the highest quality cannabis products at an affordable price.