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One of the pickiest girls to grow, Zero Gravity has definitely dialed her in.

Hey hey! I hope everyone is well and staying safe, and as always smoking that locally grown supply. I definitely have been, and one local cultivar definitely reaches high in my personal favorite list.

Miracle Alien Cookies, also known as MAC was bred originally by the famous Capulator. Zero Gravity is one of the blessed teams with Cap’s Cut of Mac1, and has perfected all of her needs along the way. Although difficult in the garden, the results of the MAC can be so satisfactory. MAC1 is read to be an even 50/50 hybrid, giving not only uplifted euphoric effects, but relaxed physical effects as well. A hefty cross, she was born by combining Starfighter x Columbian x Alien Cookies, and is known to give floral and earthy tastes and smells.

I rushed to open the bag as I had been dying to try such a coveted strain. Aromas of our sweet earth swelled up my nose after opening the bag. Easily one of the most resinous flowers I’ve personally ever seen. Almost like the nug was dipped in sugar. Crystals everywhere with mossy green hues throughout. One of the prettiest bags of flowers I ever did see that day…

Anyway! So she looks fire, but how’d she smoke? Packed up in the double perc bong, she was a heavy, heady hitter. Heady meaning this smoke went straight to the noggin. My eyes felt heavy, and as I took more hits, my body began to feel lightweight. A very stoned feel.Β 

MAC made me feel tired, euphoric, happy, and hungry. In no particular order. A great strain that I cuddled up with after a long day, and definitely enjoyed before investing in a movie and some snacks. A strain to get lost in the clouds with, one to help engage with a good book, or to get some creative juices flowing. Whatever the situation may be, MAC just might be the one to assist.

Overall, Zero Gravity’s top shelf MAC will be getting a fat 10/10. Everything about this strain I enjoy. The looks, the smells, the taste, and the high. Each aspect of the MAC, including the cultivating and trimming, came together to provide an above standard smoke that I was so thankful to enjoy.

I do hope you guys have the opportunity to try ZG’s MAC as she is not seen too often on the menu. If you do try her, let us know what you think and how she compares to how I felt about this resinuous flower. Nonetheless, thank you again for reading my review, it means the world.

Stay Blazed Y’all

The Coastal Girl

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