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Lemon Lava Bred By  pHinest Cannabis Reviewed By Stephanie At Zero Gravity Cannabis. Lemon Lava is Lemon Heads X Lava Cake

Lemon Lava is a lemon strain with herbal and minty aromas bred by pHinest Cannabis crossing Lemon Heads and Lava Cake. Lemon Lava contains various flavors, including bright citrus zest,

lemon lava pHinest Cannabis

Lemon Lava By pHinest Cannabis

sage, fresh mint, and a subtle grape aftertaste, and buds have vivid saffron-colored hairs. Its blend of sweet fruity, minty herbal, and sour citrus smoke will be pleasant for smokers of any level of experience.

Lemon Lava’s high is fast-hitting and delivers a bright and delightful experience. Influencing both the mind and body, the first tokes tend to leave users feeling happiness and euphoria. Its smooth effect triggers motivation and creativity, while enticing smokers into a peaceful mindset and putting them into bliss.

Lemon Lava is good for morning and daytime use as it helps to start the day, speed-up thinking, and improve focus. This strain has been said to have a therapeutic effect and is often chosen to fight mood disorders, such as depression, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Physical ailments can also be relieved by this strain. It works against different aches, pain, muscle spasms. Lemon Lava comes on smooth and provides a bright, alert, and refreshing high.

 I started out by just admiring this beauty. Full of trichomes and so colorful. Yellow and greens with even small traces of purple sprinkled in. But what stands out the most are the vibrant orange hairs. The nose hits you as soon you open the bag. Smelling it just reminds you of sativa, a citrusy/lemon aroma with an herbal side. 

 The taste was quite enjoyable with a lemony herbal essence. Lemon Lava is a nice balanced Sativa that was great for early in the day, helping me get things done. Although it kept me focused and on task, it was also full of euphoria and contentment. This strain gave me motivation and clarity without any anxiety or wondering thoughts. Definitely adding this to the list of daytime strains to use on workdays or weekends where I have things around the house to get done. 

Reviewed by Stephanie of Zero Gravity Cannabis, Packaging & Events