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An Astronaut’s Guide to Navigating Glassware: Part 1

As you venture into the world of cannabis, you enter into the world of glass and product related tools. Don’t fear! Grav.guy and Zero Gravity is here! Let’s keep it simple this time and just start with the basics of types of glass! Below you will find some of the more popular glass options:


Also known as one-hitters, are small cylinders of glass that are meant to be packed and smoked for a single hit. These compact glass options are ideal for discreet smoking and portability. Chillums are best for those looking for a quick smoke on-the-go without much hassle.


One widely-used glass options is a bowl β€” also known as a spoon. Bowls are a simple, straightforward way to enjoy product. One end is a bowl-shaped space to pack your flower, which contains a hole for smoke to pass through. The other side is the mouthpiece and along the side is a small hole known as a β€œcarb”. The carb allows users to control the airflow within the pipe by covering and uncovering it with a finger.


Are a long cylindrical tube, rounded off at the base, with an intersecting down-stem that serves to hold a removable bowl, also referred to as a slide. The bong is first partially filled with cold water, the colder the better as this helps filter out any impurities, cools the smoke, and allows for a larger and smoother hit. The product is packed into the bowl of the slide and placed onto the down-stem. When you light the bowl, inhalation from the open tube end draws smoke through the water reservoir. Remove the bowl from the down-stem, allowing the air to travel through and carry the smoke into the chamber and up the tube for enjoyment.


A portable glass that can offer the type of hits one would get from using a bong. Like bongs, bubblers include a water chamber for the cooling and cleaning of the smoke, but with the added convenience and size of a bowl. Bubblers are intended to function as a water pipe, but they can also be used dry if water is not readily available.


Are created and designed specifically for consuming concentrates. To take a dab, you will need the rig itself, a nail/banger (a specific type of bowl for the concentrate,) a torch to heat the banger to your ideal temperature, a dab tool to scoop your concentrate into the heated banger, and a carb cap, used to cover the banger to help contain heat and vaporize the product evenly. For more in-depth information on how to take a dab, see our earlier Grav.Guy Info Blast Off: How to Take a Dab! And be sure to head over to our menu to check out available concentrates and flower for your smoking needs and enjoyment.

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