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Tangie With A Twist

What’s good everyone! The Coastal Girl here. The sun is shining, and I’m in a great mood to give y’all the rundown on an up-and-coming strain in the Zero Gravity grow.

We’ve got some Guava Tangie on deck, who may also be known as Clifford, A Crockett Family Farms original, she is made from crossing Guava Dawg and Tangie together. She is read to be a sativa leaning hybrid, so let’s see how the ‘ol girl stands up to the Coastal Girl.

When I opened up her packaging, the first things I noticed was a strong haziness, with sour citrus, and bits of skunk throughout. An eye-opening an aroma for sure, she also drew me in with her bright green hues and frosty calyxs. Her texture was on the drier side, but tons of sugars will come off your fingers making the packed bowl seem like it’s topped with some nice kief, but nope! It’s the Guava Tangie.

As usual, I packed her up and took my three hits to try and get a good feel for her effects and flavors. On the first inhale and exhale, the high immediately rushed to the head, almost causing a “wake up” feeling. Citrus is strong on the taste, and I also noticed skunkier undertones. The flavors are enticing, and the initial high is a wake up call for your next task.

My eyes felt less heavy, and a creative wave washed over me as the high from the Guava Tangie settled. I found myself getting very focused on a project, and completing it within record time thanks to the help received. In addition to productivity and creativeness, I experienced a severe case of… the munchies! This strain made me so damn hungry. I found myself enjoying a bagel and some sweets after smoking. Whew. If you find yourself not hungry when you feel you should be, I would totally recommend this strain for triggering your hunger.

All in all, I believe the Guava Tangie is a great daytime strain, and will be receiving an 8/10 from ya girl overall. I certainly think she is ideal for smoking before chores to get that extra boost to accomplish everything. However, I would also recommend her if you’re in need of a creative edge to make something great. If it requires inspiration and motivation, definitely think about choosing Guava Tangie.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts on this lovely strain!
As always,
Stay High Y’all,

The Coastal Girl

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Definitely a strain that guides me to the kitchen with a big smile on my face. Looks good and tastes good too 8/10 I agree with.

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